My E-School

Research proves that children do better in school when parents talk often with teachers and become involved in the school. There are number of ways that parents and teacher communicate with each other ,rather than relying on the scheduled parent-teacher meetings. Close communication between parents and teachers can help the student.

But then also parents failed to attend these parent-teachers meeting due to their busy time scheduled.

Hence, this result in a lack of communication between the parents and the teachers.

Therefore, we KAPS TECHCOM SOLUTIONS have developed an immediate solution to this problem thereby securing child’s future. We feel very glad to introduce to new program name EDUCATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.


The EMS(EDUCATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) provides an interface between the parents and the teachers. The parents get each and every information about their child’s report and the activities of the school

School authority can communicate to the parents through SMS program regarding the student’s issues like:

➦Attendance record

➦ Holidays

➦School opening and closing time

➦Progress report

➦ Monthly test

➦Submission of fees

➦Emergency closures

➦ Parents and teacher meeting schedules etc.



All the updates about the child’s activities in the school, upcoming events, urgent information as well as child’s attendance information will be conveyed to the parents through this service.


➦The parents are not able to take time for the parent- teacher meetings. But through EMS they can interact with the teachers from their workplace only.

➦ EMS provides the parents day-to-day report of their child’s activity in the school in the form of Mails and SMS alert.

➦ Apart from the parent-teachers meeting, both can communicate with each other at any time with the EMS program.

➦EMS is the easy and right way to solve this problem.

➦ Through EMS school parties gives moral nature education and friendly feels sings to the students and parents.